sábado, 2 de mayo de 2020

Finnish DX Association

Sad news from Finland:
With deep sorrow the Finnish DX Association wants to inform the DX world about the passing of our Honorary President Jyrki K. Talvitie at the age of 78.
Jyrki was one of the founders of our club in 1958 and a long-time President of our club. During the years he also carried numerous other duties in the club. Jyrki was Secretary General of the European DX Council in the early 1970's. He was appointed the first Honorary President of the FDXA in 2016.
Jyrki's greatest interest target in DXing and travelling was Latin America. Spanish was his home language for decades and he was specialized in Mexico and Guatemala, but he had also travelled in many other parts of Central and South America.
Jyrki's work was to run his own publishing company Tietoteos and a good part of the books published by Tietoteos were also written or compiled by him. Tietoteos imported the WRTH to Finland for decades and it also published several DX books like "Latin America by Radio" (by Henrik Klemetz).
Most of Jyrki's listening activities took place in 1950's and 1960's, but he was active in our club all the time. The last events of our club participated by him were the EDXC meeting 2017 in Tampere, the 60th anniversary cruise of our club in January 2018 and the summer meeting in Kuortane 2018.
On behalf of the FDXA board
Risto Vähäkainu

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