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Whats is the Best DAB Radio for an Elderly person?

This article will help you choose the best dab radio for an elderly person, however, if you are looking for a dab radio for someone who is recently retired and might need a radio to listen too whilst cooking in the kitchen or pottering about the garden check out our guide here.
When choosing a dab radio for an elderly person you have to keep a few things in mind that may vary from person to person and depend on the age of the person. It is recommend that when purchasing a radio that you look at the individuals specific needs which may include:

Ease of use

Digital radios can have many different functions along with the actual radio such as bluetooth, usb, ipod dock, alarm clock, fm am, mp3, auxiliary input, etc. Many elderly people will not have any use for these extra functions and they may indeed just add extra confusion for a user who is not very savvy with technology.

Do they need a large display?

A large display on a radio will be necessary to help those with sight problems. At a minimum the user must be able to see the display to be able to choose the right station and to adjust the volume. It can become very frustrating for an elderly person to mess around with modern technology without being able to properly see what they are trying to do.

Do they need large buttons?

Large buttons on a DAB radio can not only help those who can’t read the text on smaller buttons but it will also help people who have trouble with their fine motor skills or who have arthritis and aren’t as agile as they used to be. Large buttons can usually be programmed to do one task at a time making the radio easier to use and less confusing for the user.

Do they need a Loudspeaker?

Elderly users who are hard of hearing will obviously need a radio that they can hear properly. Having a loudspeaker built into the unit is a must and being able to control the volume of the loud speaker is also very important so that they can adjust the sound levels to suit their hearing needs. Listening to a digital radio through headphones may work better for some users but remember that this will limit their ability to hear other things such as phone calls and the doorbell.


Although most elderly people will have a set room for their radio they may from time to time need to move the radio. Larger radios may hinder that ability to move the radio about especially if they are cumbersome and do not have a handle. Depending on the person it may be better for them to have a lightweight handheld radio that will sit in their pocket so that they can take it wherever they want – the only downside is that if they have memory problems a small personal radio may be easily misplaced and hard to find again.

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