martes, 27 de diciembre de 2016

FRS Radio

Right now FRS is on 7700//9335 kHz.
Due to an unknown strong carrier on top of our 9300 signal, we have been deciding to
move to 9335.
Transmissions will last until 14:30 UTC/ 15:30 CET but we will return with a repeat
starting on 16:30 UTC/ 17:30 CET on 7700//9300 or 9335 (depends on the situation).
In particular during the first part of the repeat signals could be strong on the continent
depending how far the distance is between TX and your QTH. Give it a try and let us know!!
At 14:52 UTC/ 15:52 CET streaming will start as well....[http://nedn :8000/frsh.m3u]

F.  Peter V.

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